Sophie’s Mom Cupcakes

When my friend posted on her facebook account that its their anniversary of her fiancee so I wanted to give them a surprise..

While walking in Megamall going to Atrium, I cant take my eyes to the yummy cupcakes I saw.. I feel like those cupcakes winks me and saying “Please buy and try me” I went and check the menu.. and I am so amazed that the price of below cupcakes are so affordable..

Sophie's Mom Cupcakes

Sophie's Mom Menu

Sophie's Mom cupcakes

so I bought one piece of the cupcake. Oh may…the RED VELVET CUPCAKE is one of my favorite cupcake in the whole world.. and the price is PHP50.00 super affordable and super yummy *two thumbs up* . so I bought another two for my friend as my surprise..

Sophie's Mom Red Velvet Cupcake

while eating my cupcake… Im so impressed they had a HUGE red velvet cookies and oh may favorite cookies and cream cookies too… i cant help it so I bought the cookies again.hahaha

Look how tempting the cookies are…

Sophie's Mom Cookies


Sophie's Mom Cookies and Cream
Sophie's Mom Red Velvet Cookies
So I bought one piece of each cookies… the price of this HUGE AND YUMMY cookies is PHP 50.00 also..
when I taste it..oh heaven its so delicious..the cookies itself is soft and they have something on cookies that you will get addicted on it.. Since im not addicted, bought 2 more for my brothers.hahaha

These cookies are to DIE FOR! i swear.. TEMPTING, AFFORDABLE AND DELICIOUS…

Sophie's Mom cookies


Sophie's Mom Cookies

so if your planning to buy something for your family, special someone or loved ones and you wanted something sweet.. GO AND GET SOME OF THE CUPCAKES AND COOKIES at Sophie’s Mom in SM Megamall.

Sophie's Mom Logo

The next time ill visit the store.. I will buy and taste the rest of their cupcakes and oh the Chocolate Truffles too which has a cute packaging effect.

Sophie's Mom

The cute and tempting cupcakes that YOU WILL DIE FOR..

Sophie's Mom Cupcakes

Sophie's Mom Cupcakes



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